Programs for Kids

The Eskimo Ski and Board Club is an accredited school that offers lessons for 9 to 17 year old skiers and riders  from the beginning level to the very skilled.

Classic Membership: This membership includes all day lessons.  Beginning and new members take both morning and afternoon lessons. All new members are given a tour of the base and have lunch with their instructors until they know their way around. Any Eskimos who are ten or younger take both morning and 12:30 lessons all season. As members progress at their own pace, they are promoted to the next color and take lessons with others of the same skil level.  NOTE: When Eskimo members who are 11 or older and 1) achieve a Blue level for skiers or a Low Silver for riders 2) know what slopes they can ski or ride safely 3) have a friend to ski or board with and 4) know the Colorado Your Responsibility Code and the Eskimo Club Safety Code, they may choose to ski or ride free a half-day with friends.

New Members with previous experience (TBCs=To Be Classified) will be classified into their present skill level  and should take both morning and afternoon classes until they meet the above qualifications to free ski/ride a half day. You will also need either a daily lift ticket or season pass and bus fare each time you attend.  Please see pricing. Please note: Anyone 10 and younger must be in class both in the morning and at 12:30.

Free Slider (Free Rider & Free Skier) Membership: This is a program added by request. This membership is only for the EXPERIENCED Eskimo Club member (Maroon or higher skier or Low Pink or higher rider), who is 14 to 17 and who would like to be able to rejoin the Club but doesn't require lessons every time. The Free Slider membership includes 3 half-day lessons. Extra half day lessons are $35 per half day. For obvious safety reasons, these members must always ski /ride with a buddy, be familiar with Winter Park/ Mary Jane and obey both the Eskimo Club Safety Code & Colorado's Your Responsibility Code.  To contact us for this membership, please call 303-761-1102 or email See pricing.

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