2017-2018 Season Pricing (To be determined when we receive the new pricing.)

What does membership cost for one's first season in the Club? You will need:

  1. An Eskimo Club membership. (Please see below and Programs for Kids.)
  2. Pay-as-you-go-bus fare (See Bus Stops & Information)
  3. Either a season pass or daily lift ticket 
  4. Your equipment and
  5. Lunch or lunch money. 

Please see FAQ for other questions. 


How do I join? If it's your first season with Eskimos, please go to the Member's Area at the right of the home page to sign up online. Be sure to fill out your on line contract that will be emailed to you from when you enroll.

New members, returning 10 year olds and younger members from last season and anyone else taking AM & 12:30 lessons, your membership is $TBD. Sign up on line by logging in as a member.  Please call 303-761-1102 if you've any questions. You will also need # 2- # 4 at top of page.

Returning Members 11 to 17 years of age -   Prices vary as they are based on the skill level attained by each member at the end of the previous season. Please log in on the member login to see your color and rate for the upcoming season. You also need # 2-4 at top of page.

Free Slider Membership is for the responsible, 14 years or older, experienced, returning Eskimo Club member who is at least an intermediate (Red skier, High Orange rider) and would like the benefits of membership with a total of three half-day lessons.  (Extra lessons are $35 per half-day.) The cost for this program is ......$TBD.00.

How much is bus fare? The round trip bus fare is $38 for members who reserve their seats online by 6:00 PM on the Thursday preceding the trip. After 6 PM, the fare is $TBD. Please call 303-761-1102 for available seating after 9 AM on Fridays.

What is the cost of a season pass or a daily lift ticket? You may purchase a daily ticket for $55 for Eskimo Club members through 17 years of age on the bus or at the Eskimo Headquarters at Winter Park on Eskimo Saturdays only OR you may choose to buy a Winter Park/Mary Jane Season Pass. See:  Age for passes is determined by your age on November 1st, 2017. NOTE: There is an added $5 charge to make a new season pass OR to replace a lost or forgotten pass.

How do I buy a season pass before the first Eskimo Club day?   See above.

What about the 5th & 6th grade passports?  Through Colorado Ski Country USA, the fifth grade passport offers 3 free days and the 6th grade passport (for $??) offers 4 days at any of the participating resorts. Decide whether or not to purchase as Season Pass by considering how many times your child will be at Winter Park, how many extra daily lift tickets @ TBD per day (includes &5 for the card) you'll need to purchase, the initial cost of the passport and how often you'll be able to use the free days at other areas.

What about equipment? You supply your own ski/ride gear and equipment for the season. Rental equipment is usually more economical as it can be exchanged during the season as kids grow. Please check the Essential Equipment page for a list of what you'll need. The Eskimo Ski & Board Shop was designed especially for Eskimo Club members and offers 1) on new merchandise anytime 2) a 10% discount season rentals from November 1st through the season.

ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS wear a helmet approved for your sport when you are on the mountain. How do Eskimo Club members contact the Eskimo Shop? The  Eskimo Ski & Board Shop at Holly & County Line, 8265 S Holly, Centennial, CO 80122. Members always receive 10% off on season rentals and new merchandise. You may visit the Shop on the north west corner of Holly & County Line Road, call 303-761-1101 or check out