Bus Information 

Please Note: Bus Stop Departure & Approximate Arrival Times will be changed weekly depending on reservation made. Times are updated by 4:00 on Friday before the trip and are on the Bus Stops & Schedule link.

General Bus Information: The Eskimo Ski & Board Club travels to Winter Park Saturdays in chartered deluxe cross-country buses with professional drivers.  The buses leave between 5:50 and 7:00 according to the location of your stop and the routing for that day. Buses are scheduled to return between 4:35 and 6:00ish.

For advanced seat pricing, Eskimo members may log into the member log-in and reserve seats online for $TBD until 6 PM Thursday before the trip. After 6 PM Thursday, the price is $TBD until 9 AM Friday. After 9 AM Friday, if you still need to reserve a seat, please call 303-761-1102 to see where there is available seating (at $TBD). If you make an online  bus reservation after Friday at 9 AM, you are reserving a seat for the following week.

Reserved seats may be cancelled until Thursday at 8 PM, after which time a cancellation fee applies. We plan to use the locations listed below for departure & return.

  1. VERY IMPORTANT: If you are changing buses or not returning home with us please CALL 303-761-1102 before the trip and give a note to your bus supervisor.
  2. Be there at least 10 -15 minutes before your departure time as the bus leaves at the time listed. Return times are approximate as they depend on traffic and weather conditions.
  3. Unless you have a season pass, plan to buy a lift ticket on the bus for $TBD. Please have your check in the exact amount made out to the Eskimo Club. No credit cards please. 5th & 6th grade Passport coupons can only be redeemed at the area, not on the bus. We can take you to the WP Guest Services  to redeem those.
  4. NOTE: Electronic devices are easily lost or swiped.  Bring at your own risk!


  1. Very Important: If you are changing buses or not returning home with us, please call 303-761-1102 before the trip and give bring a note to give your bus supervisor.
  2. To be back on your bus by 3:15 , plan to be walking past the Eskimo Headquarters by 3:00.

Bus Stops & Schedule for 2018 The departure times are the times your bus actually LEAVES the stop. Please be there at least 10 minutes early as it can't wait for late arrivals. Thanks!!

For Cancellations: If you wish to cancel, please call 303-761-1102 by 6 PM the Thursday before your trip. If you miss a trip without cancelling by the deadline, you will incur a$19.00 fee to cover bus and administrative costs and to keep the price down for all members.