Q: What ages may join the Eskimos?
A: Eskimo members are 9 years old through high school.

Q: What does the membership fee cover?
A: When you enroll in a program you are given a sticker for your evaluated skill level (and a new one each time you pass up a level), you may make online bus reservations, take lessons each Saturday and obtain a discounted daily lift ticket or a special rate on your season pass. You may have Eskimo Club name stickers for your gear and you will receive weekly email updates about the Club. Plus you may use the Eskimo Club Headquarters at Winter Park and be eligible to race in the Eskimo Club Championship Race!

Q: What programs are offered and what do they cost?

A: Please go to the Programs for Kids or Programs for Adults links. See the Pricing link for season pass and ticket costs. Parents please note: Anyone new to the Club and 10 or younger is to be in both morning and 12:30 classes. The 10 and younger set is to be in AM & PM classes all season. Please make sure that your young Eskimo member understands this! Older member wanting am & pm lessons may  purchase the Classic Membership, too.

Q: Where does the Eskimo Club Go?

A: The Eskimo Club goes to Winter Park/Mary Jane. The friendly service and family oriented atmosphere have made it very popular with Eskimos for over 70 years. See Eskimo Club History.

Q: What do I need to bring?

A: See Essential Equipment and Clothing for a list of what you need. You supply your own ski/ride gear and equipment for the season. Rental equipment is usually more economical as it can be exchanged during the season if kids grow. Eskimo Club members discounts off their season rentals and new merchandise at the Eskimo Shop. Their friendly and knowledgeable staff are ready to help you find what you need. Located at 8265 South Holly near Holly & County Line in Centennial, you may check www.eskimoshop.com or call 303-761-1101. Please buy or rent  a helmet approved for your sport and always wear it on the mountain!

Q: What’s the relationship with the Eskimo Ski & Board Shop?
A: The Eskimo Shop was created in the early 1940's to serve Eskimo Club members and their families.

Q: What Saturday does the Eskimo Club program start?
A:Our first trip for 2018 will be Saturday, January 6th, and we plan to go through March 24th*, depending on conditions and interest. *We will not be in operation on either MLK or President's Day weekend.

Q: What is the deadline for signing up?
A:December 28th to attend the first trip unless we are already full. You may be able to register and start in following weeks, depending on availability.

Q: Where are the bus costs, stops and times and how do I reserve a seat?
A: Please carefully read Bus Stops and Information.

Q: Who has morning and 12:30 classes and who may free-ski/ride?
A: Anyone 10 and younger is to be in class both in the morning and at 12:30 for the entire season. At the start of the season, all new members have classes in the morning and at 12:30. New members with previous skiing or boarding experience are classified according to their present abilities and placed in the appropriate color class on their first day. When the older members know their way around the mountain and which trails they may have ski/ride for their present color level (at least a Blue; level for skiers and a High Silver level for riders) they may take half-day lessons.

Q: May I take classes with my friend?
A: Friends/siblings of similar ability may take classes together as long as the higher color level child attends the lower level class so as not to slow down the class. Please come to the meeting place together.

Q: What about the Color levels and testing?
A: The Eskimo Club is based on a half-day lesson plan for many of its experienced, older members and uses colors to designate each member's skill level. You may progress at your own pace and when your instructor suggests you might be ready, go to the next test. When you pass up to the next level, you will be given a sticker indicating your new level!  All classes and tests are announced on the bus and posted to the right of the Eskimo Headquarters door.

Q: Who are the instructors?
A: Our fabulous and friendly instructors are dedicated to children, skiing and boarding. Some have been previous Club members. They are here to teach your children in a fun and safe environment. The Eskimo Club is an accredited PSIA/AASI ski & board school.

Q: Do I have the same instructor every time?
A: You may often have the same one but not always. Your class forms as soon as everyone arrives and you may go with the instructor who is waiting for your class. You will have different instructors as you move up in color levels. This assures that you will be taught at your own pace.

Q: How do I purchase a season pass as an Eskimo Club member??


Q: Where do we find the daily lesson and event schedule?
A: It is  read on the bus.

Q: May I invite a guest?
A: Yes, your guests are most welcome. New members please wait until the 3rd Saturday  to invite a friend. Please follow the guidelines in guest information.

Questions frequently asked by Eskimos who drive up:

Q: What time do classes begin?
A: Morning classes begin around 8:45 to 9:00 depending on when the buses arrive. Afternoon classes begin promptly at 12:30. Plan to be there a little before 12:30 as classes leave quickly. Late arrivals will be grouped together in one class and ski/ride to the lowest level member's ability.

Q: Lockers for Parents:
A: There are two easy locations where parents may stash extra gear, packs, etc.The first is on the slope side of the Balcony House near the outside Ticket Sales window. The other (with larger lockers) is downstairs in the West Portal Building, just west of the Eskimo Headquarters. Please supply a small pack for each child to take to Headquarters. (This prevents many problems).

Q: Where can we park?
A: Please check Winter Park's website for pay and free parking areas as there have been may changes for this winter. http://www.winterparkresort.com/plan-your-trip/getting-here/parking.aspx

Q: Where do we find the daily schedule?

A: It is posted outside of Eskimo Headquarters on the wall and read on the bus.

Q: May I eat lunch with my Eskimo Club child?
A: Yes. Please be certain to let your child's instructor know your plans and arrange the exact location and time to meet for lunch. Then be sure to have your child back on time for the (12:25) classes.

Q: What time do classes begin?
A: Promptly at 12:30. Plan to be there by 12:25 as classes leave quickly. Late arrivals will be grouped together in one class and ski/ride to the lowest level member's ability level.at the latest) to meet for the afternoon class.

Q: What time are classes over?
A: Morning classes are finished by 11:30 and the 12:30 PM classes end at 2:30 to 2:45. Plan to meet your child at a very specific time and place, preferably very near so we are available if anyone needs assistance.